sustainable service being hauled by a class 66 locomotive

Sustainability at DB Cargo UK

We’re committed to helping the UK Government to achieve its climate target of net zero by 2050.

We are expanding our position as an environmental sustainability pioneer

Society is facing ever greater pressure to protect the environment from the effects of global warming. The transportation sector in particular is being called on to make considerable long term contributions to these efforts. DB Cargo UK aspires to lead the way in the environmental protection movement for future generations. We want to become the leading green logistics services provider and prove that CO2 emissions can indeed be reduced as transport grows. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, we are greatly expanding our sustainable practices through material and resource protection activities and we are working to considerably reduce rail noise.

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Oldale, Head of Strategy
“Through investments in environmentally sustainable assets we ensure we constantly deliver high class services to our customers with minimal impact on our planet.”

Kathryn Oldale, Head of Strategy, Policy & Communications at DB Cargo UK

We lead the next generation of rail freight

A freight train consumes as little as a third of the energy required by a lorry and causes just a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions. This means that rail freight provides a basis for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a means of modal shift. But it doesn't stop there for us. Here at DB Cargo UK we are committed to reducing locomotive energy consumption and noise by using stop-start technology on our traction stock, investing in energy efficient and low noise wagons, as well as training our staff to drive trains more efficiently. We are committed to leading the next generation of rail freight.

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