DB Cargo UK Fleet

Class 66 locomotive

The UK’s largest locomotive and wagon fleet

Such extensive resources give customers the capacity they need to move bulk products throughout the UK and into Europe quickly, efficiently and on time.

Resources to meet changing demand

We operate the largest fleet of locomotives, hoppers, open-box wagons and other specialist wagons in the UK, providing our customers with high capacity and the capability to move bulk products over long and short distances.

Find out more about our locomotive fleet below.

Locomotive in operation

BR Class 66

Number in DBC UK fleet: 160
Power type: Diesel-electric
Length: 21.4 m
Weight: 129.6 tonnes (Equivalent weight of 37 African Elephants)
Fuel Capacity: 6,400 Litres
Maximum speed: 75 mph
Power Output: 3,300 bhp (That’s 33 times more powerful than an average car)
Nicknames: ‘shed’, ‘Ying-Ying’
Builder: Electro-Motive Diesel (Ontario, Canada)

Key uses: Hauling various wagons ranging from automotive wagons for BMW/Mini to Biomass and Aggregates. The locomotives are also in service with our partner entities at DB Cargo Poland and Euro Cargo Rail in France.

BR Class 67

Number in DBC UK fleet: 28
Power type: Diesel-electric
Length: 19.71 m
Weight: 88-90 tonnes
Fuel Capacity: 5,400 Litres
Maximum speed: 125 mph
Power Output: 3,200 bhp
Nicknames: ‘Skips’ ‘Buckets’ ‘Cyclops’
Builder: Alstom (Valencia, Spain)

Key uses: The BR Class 67 is currently used for the Royal Trains (67005 Queen's Messenger and 67006 Royal Sovereign), Passenger Services, Charter Services, DB Cargo UK Company Train

Class 67 locomotive

BR Class 60 locomotive

Number in DBC UK fleet: 86
Power type: Diesel-electric
Fuel: Diesel
Length: 21.34 m
Weight: 129 tonnes
Fuel Capacity: 5,900 Litres
Maximum speed: 60 mph
Power Output: 3,100 bhp
Nickname: Tug
Builder: Brush Traction (Loughborough, UK)

Key uses: Oil services to Kingsbury and Jarrow for Total & Phillips 66. Services from Robeston to Westerleigh & Theale for Puma Energy. Slag from Redcar to Scunthorpe for Francis Flower. Steel coil rail services to our Centre of Excellence for Steel Logistics, Wolverhampton Steel Logistics Centre. Notable class 60 locomotives include the Steel on Steel locomotive named 'Sonia'. 

BR Class 90 locomotive

Number in DBC UK fleet: 24
Power type: Electric
Power source: Overhead line cables (OLE)
Length: 18.75 m
Weight: 84.5 tonnes
Maximum speed: 110 mph
Power Output: 5,000 hp
Nicknames: Skoda
Builder: British Rail Engineering Limited Crewe Works

Key uses: Class 90 electric locomotives were built for mixed-traffic duties and are used by DB Cargo UK for West Coast Mainline freight services between Daventry and Scotland for Malcolm Logistics. Notably 90021 has been recently repainted to commemorate 100 years of Malcolm Logistics. 

Class 90 locomotive

BR Class 92 locomotive

Number in DBC UK fleet: 6
Power type: Electric
Power source: Overhead line cables (OLE)
Length: 21.36 m
Weight: 126 tonnes
Maximum speed: 87 mph
Power Output: 6,760 hp
Builder: Asea Brown Boveri and Brush Traction

Key uses: The Class 92 locomotive is used for international rail freight services operating through the Channel Tunnel and on High Speed 1 (HS1).

Class 92 locomotive