Train drivers swap track for tyres to raise awareness of male fertility issues

Mental Health Awareness 2023

 Train drivers swap track for tyres to raise awareness of male fertility issues

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we spoke to one of DB Cargo UK’s international freight train drivers Russ Mead about the special bond he’s formed with Southeastern Railway’s driver Toby Trice to help raise awareness of men’s fertility issues.

The pair have become inseparable since they met in the cab of a 395 high speed train in Ramsgate in 2016 while Toby was completing some routine route-learning.

As their friendship grew, Toby opened up to Russ about the fertility issues he was facing and the major impact it as having on his mental health.

Russ, who works as an international freight train driver at DB’s Dollands Moor depot, said: “The cab environment can be an incredibly lonely place if you’re having a difficult time with your life, no matter what the problem is,” said Russ.

“But as soon as you’re able to talk to somebody you trust, the problem’s halved,” he added.

Russ helped Toby through some particularly dark times and now the pair spend all their spare time using motorsport to raise greater public awareness of men’s fertility issues.

As well as being a train driver, Toby is also a professional racing driver for Porsche, and he uses his success on the racetrack to encourage other men to pluck up courage to talk about their own issues.

Toby launched Racing for Fertility in 2019 to end the stigma of fertility through motorsport.

Watch our video to find out more about their budding bromance forged in the Railway Family.

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