DB Cargo UK launches new international campaign for British Steel

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Article: DB Cargo UK launches new international campaign for British Steel

DB Cargo UK and British Steel have launched a major campaign to transport 100-metre lengths of railway track to Belgium.

On Friday, 9th June, the first consignment began wending its way from British Steel’s site at Scunthorpe to Muizen, north-east of Brussels.

The enormous pieces of steel track will be used by the country’s infrastructure manager, Infrabel, as part of its ongoing programme of work to maintain and renew Belgium’s rail network.

British Steel’s experience and expertise at producing high quality rail products has made it a strategic supply chain partner to many organisations across the globe, including Infrabel.

DB Cargo UK, the country’s leading transporter of steel products, fulfilled the first leg of the journey from Scunthorpe to Calais, with its French sister company DB Cargo France fulfilling the second leg up to Muizen.

The train took three days to arrive at its final destination.

The 100-metre-long rails are transported on IGA wagons, with each rail spanning four wagons.

DB Cargo UK’s Chief Sales Officer Roger Neary said the company had a long and proud history of supporting UK and European steel manufacturers and was looking forward to the challenge of exporting such an exceptional load for British Steel.

“Great care and skill is required to ensure that the rails can navigate a safe and smooth passage down to our international depot Dollands Moor, through the Channel Tunnel and on to Northern Europe,” said Roger.

“A great deal of collaboration and planning has gone into this operation and I’m sure it made an impressive site as it made its way across the continent,” he added.

Gregg Smith, Logistics Director, of British Steel, said:

“Moving long length rails intercontinentally is a particularly complex process. We are delighted to have made such a successful start to this exciting partnership with DB Cargo and Infrabel. We look forward to future success together”

The campaign will involve on average of one train running every month as the customer needs for the next four years.


For further information contact DB Cargo UK’s Head of Communications Richard Sears on 07716 691193 or email him at Richard.sears@deutschebahn.com