UK rail freight showcased at Rail Week 2020


Article: UK rail freight showcased at Rail Week 2020

DB Cargo UK is proud to support Rail Week and help schools, teachers, career advisers and students learn more about the exciting opportunities a career in rail can provide.

Rail Week celebrates and promotes the diverse and rewarding prospects available across the rail sector. DB Cargo UK is running a week of activities to shine a light on the rail freight industry. Each day we will publish a new and exciting article about what happens day to day at the UKs leading rail freight provider.

Dr Amy Pressland, Head of Learning and Development, DB Cargo UK said “This is a first for DB Cargo UK, and we really want to give people a taste of what a career in rail freight can offer, whether you’re still at school and deciding what path to take or you’ve just left full time education, there really is something for everyone.”

Starting on Monday 5th October

  • we will engage with you about how to get into rail freight. Check out our interview with Rosemary Aldous who joined DB Cargo UK through our graduate programme here: Monday - Rail Week
  • we will educate you about safety on the railway through the eyes of the younger generation. Watch our rail safety video here: Rail Week - Tuesday
  • we will inspire you with case studies from people who are proud to work at DB Cargo UK. Find out more here: Rail Week - Wednesday
  • we will excite you about the different roles available to DB Cargo UK. Find out more about the unique roles we have at DB Cargo UK here: Thursday - Rail Week
  • and finally, in a male dominated industry we will empower you with our women who work in rail. Listen to our interview with Sarah Watford, Service Delivery Manager at DB Cargo UK here: Friday - Rail Week

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The Rail Week initiative is the brainchild of the professional networking association Young Rail Professionals (YRP), supported by many organisations across the rail industry pledging to host events and reach out to schools, colleges and parents in their area.