Steel on steel side view

 Steel on steel: DB Cargo UK launches new loco livery

DB Cargo UK has this week released into service a newly-liveried class 60 locomotive (60062) to celebrate the important role we play in supporting the UK's metal transportation market.

The Class 60 locomotive - called Steel on Steel and with a striking flame design - is being utilised for the movement of metal products across key routes in the UK, feeding major manufacturing supply chains. One full train load of steel coil can produce over 1000 new cars or 60,000 white goods!

Steel on Steel will be used to transport steel coil to the company’s centre of excellence for steel logistics, Wolverhampton Steel Logistics Centre, which is 11,800m2 with the capacity to store some 48,000 tonnes of steel.

Steel on steel front
Steel on steel front

This is the latest instalment in the company’s Freight Belongs on Rail campaign, which has been used to highlight the significance of rail freight to UK PLC and drive an ambitious modal shift growth target from the UK government.

Rail freight makes a major contribution to the economy, providing safe, sustainable and innovative logistics solutions for the movement of around £30 billion of essential products around Britain each year, as well as to and from mainland Europe.

Moving goods by rail also reduces congestion, emissions and noise on Britain’s already crowded road network, removing an estimated 2.9 million HGV movements from the roads each year.

DB Cargo UK’s CEO Andrea Rossi said: “The role of rail freight in the UK is pivotal to both the economy and the environment and it is our duty to drive the growth of our sector for the benefit of UK PLC. We underpin major industry sectors in the UK and our rich heritage with the metal sector is one we are incredibly proud of. This is why we need the UK Government to set an ambitious modal shift growth target – for the environment and the economy. Rail freight is today’s solution to transport decarbonisation.”

DB Cargo UK’s Chief Sales Officer Roger Neary said: “Our new locomotive is a visual commitment to our support for the metals sector because we are the biggest nationwide mover of finished metal products and raw materials to support metal manufacturing processes here in the UK.

"For most of our metal customers, rail is an integral component of their supply chains, keeping blast furnaces in operation and allowing seamless and continuous manufacture of their products. This is a proud achievement for us; not only are we supporting major UK supply chains but also driving economic growth and environmental sustainability,” he added.


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