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Miles Paul

 Paul Miles – Proud to be DB

Name: Paul Miles
Job role: Train Driver
Location: Westbury

How long have you worked for DB Cargo UK?
I’m now on my 35th year of footplate service. I’ve worked for DB Cargo UK since the transition from EWS and British Rail. I come from a railway family. My brother Matt works for GWR and one of my Uncle’s worked for the original Great Western Railway at Swindon.

What flows do you work on?
Currently at Westbury we deal primarily with Network rail flows as well as the Brentford to Severnside domestic refuse traffic.

What makes your proud to be DB?
I am proud of the association I have with many of my peers in going the extra mile to secure the future of our business during these unprecedented times.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has seen a real camaraderie in the field. The working relationship between colleagues and their elected trade union delegates and the business is a constant work in progress especially for the Safety team and Health and Safety reps. With a lot of anxious colleagues out there it is imperative the working relationships within our business are tighter and built on collaboration and unity now more than ever. I’m currently seeing that which is good.

We will overcome the dent that Coronavirus has put in the rail freight business as life goes on. Until then I hope I can continue to play my part in this industry to sail this ship through rough waters.

What is your best DB memory?
DB Cargo UK and ASLEF have been hugely supportive of me and my wife for the last 15 months whilst my wife has been battling cancer. This will remain my best memory of my time working for DB Cargo UK and I thank everybody from the local management team at Westbury to my roster clerk Darren and all the whole railway family.