Cricklewood rail freight facility – noise and air quality monitoring


Noise monitoring data

The displayed noise data corresponds to noise levels measured at two monitoring stations located at the rail freight facility operated by DB Cargo (UK) Limited in Cricklewood. The locations of the monitoring stations are indicatively shown at the following link:

The upper noise limits are 69 dB LAeq,1h for the north monitoring station and 62 dB LAeq,1h for the south monitoring station during daytime operations. During the night-time (23:00 to 07:00), the noise levels at the south monitoring station should not exceed 58 dB LAeq,15min when a train arrives at the site. If these levels are exceeded, the displayed figures will automatically be shown in red. It should be noted that the displayed levels capture noise from activity within the Rail Freight Facility but also from noise sources in the surrounding area, and therefore any measured exceedances are typically investigated and reports are submitted to the local planning authority  periodically.

Live noise levels are updated typically every 15 to 30 seconds. The displayed values indicate the average noise level over the past hour. During the night-time, the displayed values indicate average noise levels over the past 15 minutes.

Air quality monitoring

Air quality monitoring data can be found at which can be accessed using the provided username and password.

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Accurate as at 23 September 2020