DB Cargo UK employee

Our Strategy

First choice for rail logistics.

Our vision is to become the first choice for rail logistics. That means focusing all our considerable talent on the huge value that rail freight adds to our environment and our economy. At its core, our business strategy recognises the need to shift traffic from road to rail, protecting the climate, growing the economy and supporting our customers by delivering solutions to their needs.

 Andrea Rossi
“We offer our customers safe, sustainable and innovative rail logistics solutions linking their supply chains to domestic and European markets through our network, service and people excellence.”

Andrea Rossi, Chief Executive Officer at DB Cargo UK

Our Mission.


For our Customers.

We focus on delivering innovative rail logistics solutions to all our customers. We work to understand our customers’ needs today, anticipate their needs of tomorrow, and develop creative ways to deliver value to them. We develop successful partnerships with our customers to understand what drives them and so together we can create real value that benefits them and their end customers. We strive to become a vital part of our customers’ supply chain and provide the key ingredient to help them on their own sustainability journeys.
 sustainable service being hauled by a class 66 locomotive

For our Climate.

We are committed to supporting the UK Government goal of delivering rail freight that is carbon net zero by 2050 and play our part in creating a cleaner world. We will leading the next generation and build a sustainable future for all, ensuring rail freight makes a substantial contribution to the decarbonisation of the environment. We are committed to finding cleaner, more sustainable technologies and innovations like HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel which will form an increasing part of our future.

For our Economy.

Rail freight makes a major contribution to the UK economy, providing an efficient, green, safe and reliable way of moving goods and essential inputs around the country that also alleviates congestion on the roads. New research commissioned by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) shows that in 2018/19, rail freight contributed £2.45bn to the UK economy, with benefits dispersed from the South of England through the industrial heartland of the Midlands, Wales and North England up into the central belt of Scotland and beyond.

Our Values

We have a clear set of values that our people live up to in every action they take. These values are the way we do business and our guide to make sure we always do the right thing:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Ownership & Responsibility
  • Drive & Passion
 Customer Service Manager