“Don’t play on the railway!” children warned

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Article: “Don’t play on the railway!” children warned

“Don’t play on the railway!” is the stark reminder being issued to children as they break up for half-term school holidays.

DB Cargo UK, the largest rail freight operator in England, Scotland and Wales, claims children are at risk of life-changing injuries or even death if they stray onto sites, sidings or the mainline network.

Head of Safety Marc Binney said that after repeated past warnings, trespass on the railway was still an issue of serious concern.

“Our sites and depots support the UK’s busy railway network. Schoolchildren, or any member of the public for that matter, put themselves in serious danger if they trespass on railway sites,” said Marc.

“They are potentially very dangerous places for people who are unfamiliar with them and have no safety training. There are frequent train movements, high voltage electric cables and other machinery that all present a significant risk to trespassers,” he added.

DB Cargo UK has depots and terminals across the UK and continues to invest significant amounts of money every year in fencing, site security and safety signage to deter illegal trespassers.

Its colleagues make regular checks to ensure its sites are secure and that immediate action is taken in the event of a potential breach.

DB Cargo UK also collaborates closely with other passenger, freight operators and Network Rail to educate the public about the dangers presented by illegal access to the railway.

“The industry invests a significant amount of time and money every year in trying to educate the public, in particular young people, about the risks they expose themselves to if they try and access our sites and the network,” said Marc.

“The railway is no place for children to play,” he added.


For further information contact DB Cargo UK’s Head of Communications Richard Sears on 07716691193 or email him at Richard.sears@deutschebahn.com