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Complying with laws and regulations is a matter of course for us: Compliance at DB Cargo UK

We tackle new challenges and make important decisions day in, day out. It goes without saying that we comply with the relevant laws and regulations in the process. We regard this as a basic requirement for DB Cargo UK's sustainable business success.

Code of Conduct

Compliance at DB means the observance of all applicable laws, rules and directives. It is an essential part of the risk management of the DB Group with an emphasis on the prevention of corruption and white-collar crime. DB's Corporate Principles Ethics (Code of Conduct) define standards and expectations for all business activities of our employees and managers. We expect the observance of rules as well as morally correct behaviour not only from our own employees and managers but also from our business partners, for whom a special Code of Conduct exists.

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Compliance at the DB Group means adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. The focus of local compliance activities as part of risk management lies in preventing corruption and classic white-collar crime.

The DB Code of Conduct provides a binding set of rules for how we go about our day-to-day work.

We not only expect our own employees and managers to comply with regulations and act with integrity, but our business partners too. We therefore have a separate DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners. We are transparent about how we deal with invitations, gifts and other benefits offered by third parties or within the company itself.

In terms of trade compliance, we adhere to all the applicable regulations in the United Kingdom and other countries concerning our companies and business activities, including when it comes to export control.
Find out more information here: https://www.deutschebahn.com/en/group/compliance