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Locations and access

DB Cargo UK is committed to providing fair and transparent access to its service facilities and rail-related services.

As the UK’s largest rail freight company, we operate a wide range of terminals and depots in England, Scotland and Wales, many of which are already utilised by other rail freight and passenger companies.

Here is our Location List for Access and Ancillary Services

Here is a list of DB Cargo UK’s Access Rates for the period 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

To request access to DB Cargo UK’s rail service facilities and rail-related services, you will need to complete the DB Cargo UK Access and Facilities Request Form and email it to DBCUK.Accessrequest@deutschebahn.com

For all enquiries, please contact our Facilities Access Manager email DBCUK.Accesrequest@deutschebahn.com