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The leading rail freight operator at London Gateway

After running the first freight train out of London Gateway, DB Cargo UK has continued to lead the way by offering the first scheduled services and full systems integration with the UK’s most advanced new deep-sea port.

Daily intermodal services from London Gateway

London Gateway has the UK’s largest port rail freight terminal, with more than 30% of the port’s cargo being carried by rail. We were the first company to offer scheduled rail freight services from the port. These services were extended in May 2014 to offer daily trains to Manchester, Daventry, Wakefield and South Wales from the port.

Fully integrated systems for fast, efficient services 

London Gateway offers the UK’s most efficient link between deep-sea shipping and destinations across the country. It’s a highly automated facility that relies on sophisticated technology to handle thousands of containers per day.

We were the first rail operator to integrate its own order-management systems directly with those of the port. This gives customers a seamless, efficient, rapid intermodal freight service, direct from the port to terminals across the UK.

On-time delivery record of 99.7%
The close integration of its systems with London Gateway has enabled us to achieve an impressive ‘shore-to-door’ delivery record of 99.7% of containers transported on time.

Investment in hi-cube intermodal wagons

DB Cargo UK has modified 72 of its 60ft intermodal wagons to enable them to carry hi-cube containers across the network. These intermodal wagons are used on DB Cargo UK’s daily 700m trains from London Gateway.

Flexible intermodal container services 

We have the capability to transport all types and size of container, including 20ft and 40ft DV, 40ft and 45ft HC, reefers and ISO-tanks.                                                                                

That versatility, coupled with flexible pricing and ongoing service expansion, will ensure that we remain the first choice rail freight operator for the UK’s newest and most advanced container port.

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