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Delivering bulk biomass just-in-time by rail to Drax Power Station

DB Cargo UK is using its logistical and energy-sector expertise to transport biomass direct to Drax Power Station on a just-in-time basis and is providing essential support to Drax Power Station as it makes the transition from coal to become a predominantly biomass-fuelled power station.

The volumes of biomass required to power the plant’s boilers, combined with the complexities of the biomass supply chain, mean that deliveries to Drax need to be made on a ‘just-in-time’ basis.

We are using all of our logistical expertise and industry knowledge to provide a safe, efficient and timely biomass delivery service to Drax.

A vital part of the success of this rail freight service is the use of Drax’s new high-capacity biomass wagons.

These wagons meet all the environmental requirements of the biomass market, since they are equipped with the latest LN25 low-noise bogies, developed by our subsidiary company Axiom Rail. They produce just three decibels of noise, which is 50% lower than any competitor bogie. They are also track friendly, causing minimal wear and tear on the rail infrastructure.

For more information about our biomass services for the energy sector, please contact us.