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Introducing DB Cargo UK’s unique London Eurohub

DB Cargo UK’s multimodal London Eurohub development in Barking, London, is a UK industry first.

DB Cargo UK’s London Eurohub is the only rail linked facility of its type, crucially connected to HS1 and the UK rail network. It has the ability to accommodate the unloading, storage, preparation and distribution of finished vehicles. The terminal is primarily for import and export, with an initial capability of handling up to 150,000 finished vehicles per year. 

The London Eurohub provides simplified logistics supply chain solutions for customers, reducing transhipment and the associated risk of damage through handling. Furthermore, the development provides reduced CO2 emissions when compared to current typical international transit modes in the automotive sector.

The site is ideally situated at the most westerly point of connection to the European rail network, providing an interface between the varying gauges of the UK and Europe.

The initial focus is on developing solutions for the automotive market, however the site is a truly multimodal hub, capable of servicing both import and export volumes for all market sectors from its strategically sited location.

Key customer benefits

  • Simplified logistics supply chain solutions, removing complexity and risk
  • Integrated logistics solutions from a single source – end-to-end owner
  • European Network (rail) – Global network for components (Schenker Logistics)
  • Years of industry experience within the automotive sector
  • Tailored solutions for specific requirements
  • Sustainable logistics solutions that help to protect the environment and help achieve CO2 reduction targets
  • Dedicated round the clock customer service centre
  • An open access site