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Case study – European Containers

The Chief Operating Officer of European Containers (ECS) has praised DB Cargo UK for providing “by far the best logistics service” ECS has ever received on a new service route.

In August 2015 DB Cargo UK and PD Ports launched their first rail freight service from Teesport in Middlesbrough to Mossend and Grangemouth in Scotland.

The service offers a full train with 40 containers to and from Scotland each day Monday to Friday.


DB Cargo UK has worked with European Containers (ECS) ever since the service was introduced, moving 80 to 100 containers per week on behalf of the company.Arthur Koutstaal, Chief Operating Officer at ECS, has been impressed by the service offered by DB Cargo UK and PD Ports, he said:

"From day one PD Ports has simplified communications and the bookings process and DB Cargo UK has provided by far the best service we've ever received - and that includes our road haulage too.

“DB Cargo UK has listened to our market requirements and tailored solutions to meet them.

"When we presented the challenge of transporting our large capacity 45ft/13.6m high cube containers DB Cargo UK came up with a solution by providing specialist rail wagons and choosing routes from Scotland where gauge enhancement had already taken place to accommodate the height and width of the containers.

"The ultimate goal, to improve the departure and arrival times, will save one day of transit and will boost our volumes even further.

"ECS is very pleased with the partnership it has with DB Cargo UK and PD Ports.”