DB Schenker Logo

Who we are

We are the UK’s leading rail freight operator - we keep the country moving every day by delivering reliable, customer-focused and environmentally friendly solutions. We play a key part in the UK and European supply chain.

Our Vision:

DB Cargo: first choice for rail freight in the UK
We believe that our people, our operational expertise and the focus on our customers are key drivers to sustain our market leadership. We are perceived as the synonym for rail freight in the United Kingdom.
We work together with our customers to strengthen this leadership position and tio deliver innovative solutions in an environmentally sustainable way. We partner with our customers in achieving their potential growth and thereby establishing ourselves further as the first choice for rail freight in the UK.

Our Promise:

We value our people, we invest in our assets and respect the planet

We provide a safe working environment and respect the dignity of each man and woman who works with us. We provide equal opportunities to advance those who contribute to the success of our company.
Through investments in environmentally sustainable assets we ensure we constantly deliver high class services to our customers with minimal impact on our planet.

Every day we strive to deliver reliable and sustainable services
Every day we put the customer at the centre of our focus. AS a reliable partner we fulfil all services on time and commit fully to our customers’ expectations. Our business model is economically sustainable which allows us to offer first choice products to our customers and invest in our people.

We lead the next generation of rail freight
We constantly challenge our existing practices, we embrace innovation, we are at the forefront of technological and IT developments and we learn from our mistakes. We are the driving force of high quality services, further improved assets and highly-skilled people.

Our Values:

We are proud of our people
Our people make us the market leader in the rail freight industry in the UK. We value experience and expertise and we invest in training and professional development. We respect every colleague and see everyone being part of the success of our company.

We are open and honest
As a responsible company we conduct our business with integrity and sincerity. We strive every day to be a transparent and honest employer for our people and a trustworthy business partner for our customers.

We are focussed on success
We constantly aim to make our customers more successful by adding value to their supply chain.
Success of our people makes us successful. We empower our people to become the best they can be; for their own development and our sustainable future.