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Sarah Watford


Junior Driver.


North Lincolnshire Hub.

Main duties:

The Junior Driver role is still being developed. I currently work pilot turns in the Scunthorpe yards shunting wagons for the customer, British Steel, to load. I then shunt together and prepare trains ready for departure.

How long have you been with DB Cargo UK?

Three years

Career path:

Before I joined DB Cargo UK, I started work at Network Rail in 2009 as a signaller at 19-years-old. I did two years at Holton Le Moor (Lincoln line), two years at Marsh Junction (Grimsby) and two years at Brockelsby Junction.

I Joined DB Cargo UK in 2015 as groundstaff at Scunthorpe. I learnt the yards at Scunthorpe and at a few other locations in the area. I have also learnt and done the Supervisor Role at Scunthorpe. For nine months I also deputised for the local Service Delivery Manager, going to meetings with the customer, British Steel, and becoming more involved in the management side of the job.

I am currently doing the Junior Driver role and hoping one day to become a mainline driver.

What’s it like to work at DB Cargo UK?

Working for DB Cargo UK is rewarding and challenging at the same time. I face individual challenges and also work as part of a team to overcome other daily challenges.

DB Cargo UK has offered me the opportunity to expand and develop my knowledge of the rail industry.

I work in a supportive environment where people not only pull together to get the job done but I am also supported in developing myself further.

Would you recommend a career in rail and why?

Yes I would recommend a career in rail; it offers a range of opportunities to get on in various different roles. It is a good feeling that you work for a big company that offers so much to people. You also make good friends along the way.