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Peter Hazra-Corte


Train Driver


West Midlands Hub

Main duties:

Driving trains, preparing trains, learning new routes and keeping up-to- date with rule changes and publications.

How long have you been with DB Cargo UK?

I started in December 2017 so am in my seventh month with DB Cargo.

Career path:

I worked for SB Rail driving and operating on track machines.

What’s it like to work at DB Cargo UK?

I've only been with DB Cargo a short time, however I have enjoyed every element so far. From train handling and route learning to learning how to handle very long and very heavy trains in a professional manner. It's been so enjoyable to be challenged, I've met some exceptional people who have helped me learn, from the Mentors to Management and the Rostering and HR. Everyone has been great and I look forward to many years with DB Cargo.

Would you recommend a career in rail and why?

Yes, if you’re willing to listen, learn and work hard it is a brilliant career. No two days are the same! We have a large variety of jobs and trains all over the country so we're kept on our toes. Being a train driver is a great career choice for the right people. At DB Cargo we are blessed in having exceptional people to train and manage.