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A dedicated rail freight service for the petroleum sector

DB Cargo UK is the leading provider of rail haulage services for the chemicals industry, specifically the petroleum sector.

Dedicated rail freight services for petroleum products

As the leading provider of rail haulage services for the UK petroleum industry we can transport petroleum products from every operational rail-connected refinery in the country.

Payload optimisation on specialised tank wagons

To provide the safe, efficient service required by the petroleum industry, we are the only UK rail freight company to own a fleet of specialised tank wagons for petroleum products. By operating the longest petroleum trains on the UK network, these dedicated 100t and 45t tank wagons enable us to optimise train payloads.

Haulage services to every rail-connected UK refinery

Our full UK coverage ranges from Grangemouth refinery in the north to Fawley refinery in the south, and from the Humber and Lindsey refineries in the east to Milford Haven on the west coast.

Services tailored to the petroleum sector

Our proven track record in the industry enables us to develop services to suit your operational requirements. Our electronic ordering and IT systems offer live online ordering capabilities, real-time train monitoring and 24-hour track and trace services. All of our Class 66 locomotives are fitted with GPS tracking systems, for your peace of mind.  

Nationwide emergency response service

In the event of an emergency anywhere on the rail network or at your own facilities, we offer a nationwide emergency service. Our experienced teams provide a fast, professional and integrated response to any incident.

Continuous improvement in service delivery

As the only UK rail operator to be evaluated against SQAS criteria, we are committed to continuous improvement in our services to the petroleum sector.

Why choose DBSR UK for petroleum rail haulage?

  • National coverage and security of supply via UK’s largest train fleet
  • Only operator of dedicated rail tank wagons for petroleum products
  • Cost-effective solution – train payload optimisation on UK’s longest petroleum trains
  • Tailored services to meet specific requirements
  • Sustainable solution to protect the environment and achieve CO2 reduction targets
  • Dedicated around-the-clock customer service – track and trace
  • Only UK freight operator with full UK geographical coverage

If you would like to find out more about our rail freight services and how we can help you achieve your objectives, contact us.

Last modified: 02.03.2016

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