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EcoTransIT World - Emissions

Reducing the emissions that cause global warming is an important issue for our customers. DB Cargo trains emit five times less carbon emissions per tonne km than road haulage. Transferring freight from road to rail will help reduce carbon emissions.

Care for the environment is one of DB Cargo's key responsibilities and an important part of how the company performs its business operations. Rail freight has a proven environmental track record when compared to other modes of transport and DB Cargo intends to continually improve that record.

To assist its customers in selecting a carbon friendly haulage mode, DB Cargo is pleased to provide a website to compare the emissions and energy consumption of five different transport modes for freight traffic – road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air.

Customers are provided with information on any individual route and variable transport volume, showing the energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and exhaust emissions for each mode of transportation. DB Cargo believes this helps its customers select the transport choice that truly delivers a low carbon solution.

Please click on the link below to compare the emissions for your freight journey:

EcoTransIT World

Last modified: 02.03.2016

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