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The UK’s only wagonload service – the flexible solution for smaller loads

DB Cargo UK is the only operator of wagonload services in the UK, enabling customers to book as many wagons as they need on multi-user trains.

Book as many wagons as you need
If you need to transport goods swiftly, efficiently and sustainably by rail, but don’t have sufficient volumes to fill an entire train, we offer a unique wagonload service.

We're the only provider of wagonload services in the UK and the largest provider of this service in Europe. It enables you to access all the benefits of rail freight, without having to book an entire train.

Flexible rail freight service – designed around your needs
We’ll use our logistical expertise to schedule your wagonloads into our existing services – or adapt our services to meet your needs. Your loads will be transported on trains carrying goods from multiple customers, enabling as many organisations as possible to benefit from the efficiencies of rail haulage.

Access the on-time, low-carbon benefits of rail freight
Rail freight is the punctual, cost-effective way to transport goods while avoiding road congestion and minimising pollution. Each train operated by us emits, on average, five times less carbon than the equivalent road transport.

For more information about wagonload services and how they could benefit your business, please contact us.

Last modified: 02.03.2016

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