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DB Cargo UK supports college students with donation of breakdown and recovery truck

DB Cargo UK has donated a Breakdown and Recovery truck to the National College for High Speed Rail to aid students with their training.

The vehicle which can run on road and rail and weighs around 17 tonnes will be used as part of the Engineering courses at the college.

DB Cargo UK engineers, Sean Coulby Breakdown and Recovery Manager and Mark Cotton Production Manager are also providing the tutors at the college with full training of how to operate the truck successfully.

The presentation of the vehicle is a sign of the continued support and collaboration between DB Cargo UK and the National College for High Speed Rail.

Kerrie Talbot, Apprenticeship and Development Manager at DB Cargo UK, said: “This vehicle is a symbol of our continued support for the National College for High Speed Rail and future collaboration.

“The truck and training we are offering to the tutors will help the engineering students with invaluable practical experience which can be used when they enter the world of work.
“At DB Cargo we are leading the next generation of rail freight, so supporting the college and their learners is important to us.”