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DB Cargo UK reaches further for its customers

DB Cargo UK works across the construction sector to provide rail freight based logistics solutions.

Rail transport is recognised as both environmentally friendly and cost effective but this has been further improved through a new fleet of material handling equipment.

The rail freight operator recently introduced bespoke 360 degree rotating grabs specifically designed to offload aggregates from open-top box wagons.

Using the bespoke equipment DB Cargo UK can offload the material from its trains, providing a full delivery service for customers. The clam shell grabs fitted are two times larger than those on previously used equipment, increasing productivity and reducing wear on the wagons being unloaded.

The machines also have elevated cabs and cameras on the arm with a screen inside the cab, allowing the operator to see inside the wagon and ensure all the aggregates have been removed. This takes away the need to scrape the wagons, reducing the risk of damage and wear and tear. Removing all the aggregates also improves the payload of the wagon when being reloaded at customer’s quarries.

With the equipment improving efficiency, quicker discharge times have allowed trains conveying 10% additional payload to be discharged in the same unloading window. This allows the higher capacity trains to continue to operate on established paths, with no increase in staff shift lengths and train terminal times.

The equipment is already being used as part of a five year handling contract with Breedon Group and further units are planned for depots in London.

Under the Breedon Group handling contract, DB Cargo UK is moving approximately 600,000 tonnes of limestone a year from Dowlow Quarry in Derbyshire through depots at Walsall, Ashbury (Manchester), Theale and Southampton, where the material is used for the production of concrete.

David Fletcher, Head of Construction at DB Cargo UK, said: 
“This investment in specialist equipment for the Breedon Group contract follows the introduction of 90 new high capacity box wagons in 2016. Many services are now carrying 30% more than at the beginning of 2016 and we look forward to increasing our volumes further with Breedon Group during 2017.”

Peter Cummings, Rail Terminal Services at DB Cargo UK, said: 
“As we already work closely with our customers to transport the aggregates it is a natural extension to provide material handling services. We are now able to provide this service with equipment specifically designed for the job.”


Last modified: 24.01.2017


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