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Fast, efficient container rail freight services across the UK

DB Cargo UK runs daily intermodal services connecting ports, terminals and distribution centres across the UK.

How can we help you?

We can transport your containerised goods on time and in full as individual containers or as trainloads on our multi-user services. 

You can access daily services that connect you with our comprehensive network of inland terminals – so you can get your goods direct to your distribution centres as quickly as possible.

We provide logistical solutions from port to door, making DB Cargo UK a ‘one stop shop’ for your transport needs.

We have extensive connections across the UK rail network. Our main rail routes connecting major ports to parts of the UK are shown on the map below.

Enlarge imageClick to enlarge, DBCargo UK


Please see below the destinations of our services and the day’s these run.

Enlarge imageClick to enlarge, DBCargo UK

For further information about our routes and services please contact Simon Lock, Sales Support Manager, on 01302 576122 or email simon.s.lock@deutschebahn.com

Why choose DB Cargo UK?

  • Speed – Our services can operate at up to 75mph, enabling faster journey times than road haulage
  • Reliability – We are the most reliable operator of intermodal container services by rail based on Key Performance Indicators from Network Rail
  • Knowledge – Our logistics professionals have vast experience of intermodal transport and the rail and road industry, enabling us to create bespoke services to suit your needs, including ‘final mile’ delivery
  • Communication - We believe that personal contact with our customers is vital, so we have sales representatives working directly with you and a dedicated customer service team who are on hand to assist you

Last modified: 15.01.2018

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