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Flexible environmental protection

Climate certificates offset carbon emissions

Not every transport can be carried out carbon-free, which is why DB Cargo supplements its environmental solutions for specific carriers with DBeco neutral – the option of offsetting incurred carbon emissions by supporting projects that combat climate change.

DB Cargo and its leading partner Atmosfair invest in projects to offset the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. The certificates issued for this are based on the Kyoto Protocol and meet the WWF Gold Standard. It also intends to support external climate protection projects that it initiates itself.

The advantage of DBeco neutral is that customers can choose how much of their carbon dioxide emissions they offset. DBeco neutral can be used either by itself or in combination with any other Eco Solutions product. DBeco neutral is available worldwide for every transport connection – regardless of the transport mode.

For more information please contact Project Manager Modestas Lukauskas at modestas.m.lukauskas@deutschebahn.com

Last modified: 28.10.2016

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