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From road to rail – even without a siding of your own

When consignors do not have a siding of their own they have the option of sending their shipments from loading/unloading points throughout Europe. For raw timber shipments there are additional 400 loading points available all over Germany.

The applications "Multimodal rail access" and "Timber loading yard search" have a record of all loading points along with their important features, as well as pinpointing them on a map. It shows where you can access the European network to transport your goods by rail.

The application "Multimodal rail access" shows single loading tracks as well as railports and intermodal terminals. The local logistics services depend on the location type. The named contact person will support you to design a suitable solution for your transport needs.

You are welcome to address any questions or suggestions in connection with loading points to the contact persons listed here.

Last modified: 27.09.2016

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